Street Hawk

Jab main chhota bacchha tha” – I used to watch a series on the good old DD named “Street Hawk”. I dunno if I can credit the series for my interest in Bikes (more interest than 4+ wheelers that is); but it sure fired up my imagination. I didn’t understand any of what was being said (the spoken English component in my language was non-existent, and i hadn’t watched many Eng serials/movies to catch up on the really irritating American way of twisting common English words). However, the pyrotechnics happening on the screen were good enough to keep me glued. I used to get the general idea of whats going on in the story of the episode (just about the same way, i understood almost all of the 4 Telugu movies bombarded at me in an APSRTC bus trip). And the bike was awesome; quick how many bikes you know of that can go upto 300 mph??? (mini-me:- what the heck’s 300 mph? Must be real fast, look at the lights shining on his helmet as he whizzed past). And thats not all. Geee!!! look the bike’s got a Machine Gun, and can fly/jump too!!! I must have one of those!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Why the trip down memory lane? Well one of my friends recently asked me if i had the Street Hawk Theme. He wanted to put it in his mobile as ring tone. That startled me, and churned out a lot of memory pages. I told him that I don’t, but i am gonna find out. Well, some great guy has done all the hard work. He claims to have spent 4 and 1/2 years researching the show and came up with this. I can’t thank him enough. The site has everything from sounds of the show (like the theme), clips from episodes, wallpapers, vintage games, and even a torrent of all the 13 episodes ever created (amounting to 8 GB). This is a massive resource for any fan of the show.

What i liked the most about the show (besides an excellent bike, action scenes, gripping stories) was, the same as what has fans hooked in multitude of characters (to name a few Batman, Spiderman, Superman, The Shadow etc. and on the home front, Shaktimaan, Parmanu et al.). The suspense of Double Identity. Oh the drama of it, and then the most exciting part would be, when someone is close to knowing the truth and the Hero would manage to save his skin just in the nick of time. Sometimes i wonder, what is it about double identity that fascinates us? I think, we like to imagine us similar to those superheroes. For Superheroes, they are quite powerful in their real selves. But they lead quite normal lives in their other LIFE. We like to believe, that we lead quite normal lives on the outside, but inside we have hidden depths, secrets, powers. This is how we relate to the superheroes. We feel that any of us normal beings can do extra-ordinary things. It is this message of Hope that fascinates us in these stories.

Is it so difficult to find that self-belief without any external Aid?


One thought on “Street Hawk”

  1. Street Hawk. Ah.. One of of my favorites. Never used to miss a single episode. I still wish I must have one of those… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now the double character part sounds interesting. But the problem here is there are only few people who might have thought it that way. Else you know we would have had more such characters. But Self belief is what we lack in. U cant always have the Self Belief thing ON in your system. Even Superheroes don’t. They switch it ON when its required. Spider man doesn’t wear the mask always..!! Its only when there is a need, he wears it. And if wee compare it with self belief and External aid, even a Superhero needs external aid (to be specific, its the Need of the situation) to show that he is a Superhero…! So I think its not about the external aid but is about when is it needed…! This totally is My personal opinion.

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